I bring a particularly unique set of experiences, skillsets, and perspectives. As an educator, maker, artist, designer, and thought leader I am often called
A unicorn.

I started working with Sean part way in to my first year teaching. I was feeling overwhelmed with what I was required to do, and honestly feeling uninspired because none of this felt at all like what I imagined teaching would be like. In an incredibly short amount of time he helped me transform my approach, my environment, and my mindset towards teaching. My learners went from being withdrawn, to being ravenous learners! I couldn’t believe it when our superintendent came to visit our school midyear and our principal chose my classroom as one of the three classes to tour on our campus!
Mercedes Murphy
4th Grade Teacher, Harding University Partnership School

Teacher Coaching

My absolute favorite work is coaching teachers. I find nothing more gratifying because I know that helping one teacher improve their craft benefits tens, if not hundreds, of students downstream. Best of all, I love seeing the joy come back to teaching when teachers reactivate their creative self through designing beautiful environments and experiences for learning.  

My approach always begins by transforming the environment in order to help us become aware of our habits of practice. Changing the environment is a rapid path to disrupting habits as it forces our hand to engage differently. I then help teachers build confidence to implement Project Based Learning alongside Choice Stations, as well as taking learning outdoors as much as possible. All along the way we grow culture that fosters agency, creativity, and collaboration.

4th Grade Classroom, Harding University Partnership School (International Baccalaureate)

Makerspace, Harding University Partnership School (International Baccalaureate)

Makerspace Consultation & Design

To date I have designed and implemented five very successful makerspaces that are all thriving: one museum makerspace, three school makerspaces, and a makerspace at a creative re-use store.

The reason for the continued success of these makerspaces is because they all have one thing in common: they are Curated Makerspaces.  "Curated 
Makerspace" is a term I coined to describe a makerspace that uses themes to help curate sets of experiences that are a hybrid between facilitated and open-ended explorations in making.  

My unique design approach to creating Curated Makerspaces ensures a space that feels welcoming, inspiring, and accessible to a wide range of user backgrounds and abilities.

I can help with everything from design to finding funding for your amazing vision no matter if it is a makerspace for a school, business, or non-profit!

Outdoor Learning

I love helping schools and teachers unlock the power of their outdoor spaces for learning!

Let me ask you this: is your outdoor space a mix of asphalt, a patch of grass where kids wrestle one another non-stop, and a play structure or two that is always overcrowded with frustrated kids?

For a kid, what I just described is an uninspiring desert wasteland, and unfortunately all too common in our schools.

No matter if you are on a low budget or looking to build your "Barbie Dreamhouse", I can help you with strategies to unlock the hidden potential of your outdoor spaces.

Additionally, I can help you or your teaching staff develop strategies to take more of the learning day outside-- a practice that is full of research-proven benefits for SEL and academic growth.

Fundraising Strategy

I have a proven and successful strategy that has brought well over a million dollars to schools and districts, and I am sure I can help your project find the funding it needs because I know one thing to be true:


I am very selective about fundraising and capital campaigns that I get behind, as I am only willing to support initiatives that are aligned with my Vision, Mission, and Values.  

Before reaching out, please visit my About page and some of my posts to see if you think we might be a good fit for one another.


If I can't answer your question here, please hit any of the contact buttons above and reach out!

Yes, I love to do PDs in areas that are aligned with my Vision, Mission, and Values.  If you are reaching out to have me engage your staff on any of the following, my ears will likely perk up!

  • Folding MakerEd Into Curriculum
  • Project Based Learning
  • Leveraging EdTech for Inquiry and Creativity
  • Choice Stations
  • Responsive Classroom
  • Classroom Design for Agency
  • Taking Learning Outdoors



Coaching works fairly easily remotely.  More complex projects do much better with at least a portion of the project in person.  (I always prefer in person whenever possible.)  

While I rarely do grant writing myself, I can definitely provide consultation to grants you are writing so long as the purpose of the grant is aligned with my Vision, Mission, and Values.  

I have had a TON of success helping teachers, principals, and leaders write and win significant and transformative grants and we can often bake the bulk of my grant writing consultation fee into the grant itself to alleviate a direct expense to your school.

[Hint: winning a grant is all about your story!] 

I have written a ton of curriculum over the years, for Makerspace learning in particular, but also for PBL.  

While I enjoy the process of developing and writing curriculum, my super power is empowering others with the design skills necessary to develop their own curriculum from the ground up.  

As a part of the coaching I do with STEAM Teachers, a good part of our work together is teaching them my approach to designing engaging, transdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum.  I find this approach particularly on brand as this allows me to “teach them how to fish” instead of just handing them curriculum I have already written.

I bid projects on a case-by-case basis as there is just too much variability.  

Teacher Coaching is the only rate I post, and it is a discounted one.  I want teachers to be able to easily reach out if they want my support.  

I have a growing repository of 70+ hands-on curricula for Makerspaces and MakerEd.  These are the products of all of my coaching work with STEAM educators over the year.  

Additionally, I have a significant repository of PBL resources I have designed, as well as Choice Learning Stations.

I encourage you to join our Education is Design Discord Channel (button in upper right corner of webpage) where I will make these resources available to members of our community.

I am fortunate to be located in Santa Barbara, California.  LA, San Diego, and the Central Coast are just a stone’s throw away!

Honestly, I love putting myself in situations where I am forced to learn and use my creativity to help solve hard problems.  There are not many situations where I don’t feel comfortable. If you think I might be able to help but are not sure if it aligns with my experience and expertise, let’s start with a call.